Description :

    • The proximity suit is a single-layer lightweight aluminized suit intended for industrial applications where workers need radiant heat protection in addition to protection from sparks, splatter, flame and molten metal splash. The proximity suit is fabricated without bulk insulation or lining for superior flexibility and freedom of movement.
    • The proximity suit can be used in a wide range of industries and applications including in metal processing operations, work near furnaces, aerospace industry, and environments where workers need radiant heat protection.
    • All proximity suits are designed to be worn over standard industrial work wear. It is important for users to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants made with non-flammable fibers.
    • Heat and projection resistant exterior. To be worn with aluminized hood and gloves
    • Material : Aluminium perox para-aramid fabric
    • Weight : 520 gsm
    • Conforms to EN531, A, B2, CS, D2, E3

    Color Option :

    • Aluminium

    Origin : China

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