Description :

    • The main body of the mask is made of high quality silicone which is anti-aging; anti-allergenic; easy to clean and comfortable to wear.
    • Contour of the mask is designed to fit the facial curve and is easily adjustable to ensure a good seal
    • The half mask provides an unrestricted field of vision
    • Well designed inhalation and exhalation valves provide low breathing resistance.
    • Adjustable head bands ensure a secure seal around the face.
    • Twin filters provide double the area of filtration and less breathing resistance.
    • External screw thread connections facilitate filter replacement.
    • Conforms to CE EN 140 : 1998

    Specifications :

    • Leakage coefficient ≤ 2% at 30 L/min
    • Inhalation resistance (Pa) ≤ 50 Pa at 30 L/min
    • Exhalation resistance (Pa) ≤ 300 Pa at 160 L/min
    • The carbon dioxide content of the inhalation air ≤ 1% (by volume)

    Packing Details :

    • Quantity : 60 pcs in a carton
    • Dimension of carton : 55 cm x 47 cm x 53 cm
    • Weight : Approx 20 kg

    0503 Filters :

    • Conformed to CE EN14387 & EN 143
    Model Type Color Code Description
    0503 A1 Brown Organic Vapours and Gases with boiling point 65°C and above
    B1 Grey Inorganic Vapours and Gases (excluding Carbon Dioxide / Monoxide)
    E1 Yellow Sulphur Dioxide and Other Acidic Vapours and Gases
    K1 Green Ammonia and Ammonia Derivatives Vapours and Gases
    P3 White Particles
    A1E1 A1&E1 A1&E1
    ABEK1 A1&B1&E1&K1 A1&B1&E1&K1
    ABEK1P3R  A1&B1&E1&K1&P3R A1&B1&E1&K1&P3R

    Origin : China

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